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The database system is built to help you choose the right EK products for your hardware while avoiding any known compatibility issues. Our system will suggest you the recommended EK products when you choose your Motherboard or/and Graphic Card from our database. However EKWB does not assume any liability for mistakes or errors made out of any reasons.

How to use cooling configurator:

  1. If your hardware is not listed, please fill in the Compatibility inquiry form to have it checked for compatibility by the EK team. We strongly recommend sending picture without stock cooler and heat sink (ground plan photo) as it is much easier to evaluate and compare layouts in order to advice.
  2. If you need any assistance in choosing a watercooling system to accommodate these water blocks, please see our guide How to Build Watercooling system.
  3. The Compatibility described in step 2 and 3 indicates the method we used to check for compatibility. Because of the multitude of computer hardware and constant revisions on the market, EK cannot provide specific guarantees on compatibility.
  4. As we do take all your opinions into consideration, any suggestions how to improve our database and how to make it more user friendly are more than welcome. Please send suggestions to


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EK expands the Fitting line-up with new EK-AF and HFB Fittings.
Feb 27, 2015

EK Water Blocks is expanding the connector fitting portfolio with new EK-AF Extenders, Pass-Through adapters, Fill Ports as well as brand new EK-HFB barbs.

EK releases two new EVGA® GeForce® GTX 900 series blocks
Feb 18, 2015

EK is introducing two new long-awaited Full-Cover water blocks for EVGA® GTX 970 ACX (2.0) and GTX 980 Classified series NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics cards.

EK introduces Rampage V Extreme Monoblock
Feb 16, 2015

EK Water Blocks is introducing the only true Monoblock (CPU and motherboard) liquid cooling solution, this time for ASUS® Rampage V Black Edition, premium 5th generation Intel® Core® i7 motherboard.

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